Essence of Time...

Ancient Energies for Modern Times...

We are living during unique period in human history. Over the past 50 years, science has discovered many ways of looking at the world and, in the process, has redefined the very nature of what it means to be human. New breed of spiritual scientists has begun to explore the links between the body, the mind and the spiritual nature of human beings. Vibrational medicine is the evolving field of healing research that focuses on these links. Although the principles behind vibrational medicine quite ancient, the development of modern technologies which can quantify the energetic nature of the links between body, mind and our spiritual anatomy are very new.


Quantum physicists have begun to awaken to the concept that subatomic particles that make up entire universe, including people, are actually patterns of energy and light. Vibrational medicine views the world from the perspective of vibration and energy with the view of how this understanding can lead to many new and wonderful forms of diagnosis and healing.


There is healing in flower essences – the study and usage of flower essences and flower remedies allows us to discover new ways of healing and remember our true spiritual nature.


Have you ever felt happier for surrounding yourself with fresh flowers, been especially attracted to certain kinds of blooms or found peace strolling among fields or gardens filled with flowering plants? If so, you have already experienced the therapeutic power of flowers.

Since the dawn of time we have instinctively known that flowers can lift our spirits and make us feel well again. Flowers and their remedies feature in the traditional healing practices of many cultures around the world. They play an important role in restoring sense of harmony in mind, body and spirit. The concept of wholeness is repeated in many ancient philosophies, and finally, now we are rediscovering its relevance to us.


Orthodox medicine offers little in the way to relieve stress-induced living. Drugs such as tranquilizers may ease the discomfort by dulling our reaction, but they do not really help long term – flower essences come to the rescue , because they are not like other medications. They are best described as liquid energy, a vibrational medicine that influences each person’s own life-force. Taking these remedies can be linked to surrounding yourself with exquisite flowers that never fade or die.


Flower remedies are needed now more than ever. Responding to this cry for help, certain people have set out to research and rediscover the therapeutic properties of indigenous flowers growing in countries all over the world. The new flower essences are made from extraordinary diverse variety of flora, ranging from modest alpine flowers to romantic roses, exotic orchids and the blossoms of fruits, herbs. Some flowering plants, especially from Australia, New Zealand, Himalayan mountains, islands of Hawaii, China, Canada, South America, and Africa have a long tradition of being used in natural healing. The beneficial properties of others are only just being discovered.


Some essences act at the physical level, strengthening and re-balancing various areas of the body such as immune system. Others offer protection against new sources of environmental stress. Many aspire to more spiritual realms, helping us to find our true direction and purpose in life.


As you begin to use flower essences you will embark on a journey of self-discovery. You will become aware of your strengths and weaknesses as well as any stress patterns you have acquired over the years. These are reactions and responses to situations and people that, if left unchecked, constantly undermine your health and happiness.


Please explore links on this website – and in these testing times, let flower essences play an increasingly important role in helping you regain control of your life and destiny, may you find the vitality you need to pursue your goals and dreams – but above all, may you rediscover the true joy of living.


With Love……….